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In September of 2009, the three Directors of the Hallmark Research Institute (HRI)  attended the International Association of Assay Offices Conference in Geneva. There, in appreciation for their assistance, HRI presented each country with a dedicated copy of the newly released World Hallmarks Vol.I.

The following are excerpts of subsequent comments that were received from various European assay offices and national mint authorities.  Remember, that as you read the following, English is not the first or even second language of many of these fine individuals.  HRI appreciates every word and effort they afford us! Thank you, all, for your comments and support of the HRI's "World Hallmarks"Projects ~

The more I am acquainted with the book, the higher I appreciate its quality. And I liked it very much at first sight! I think you are living classics! You will be cited in our line of business, for example: "HRI says that  ...." or "It cannot be truth, (if) WHB doesn't mention it".
..the 2nd edition is now the most complete reference on modern European hallmarks available
MP - Czech Republic

First I like to make complements to you three for the nice lay-out of the book. It is a lot more structured then for example Tardy.. You are all doing a great job, only hallmarking in Europe has become quite complex during the years.
JVP - Netherlands

Have just received the Book World Hallmarks Vol 1- Europe 19th-21st century and I must tell you I was truly impressed with the whole layout and wealth of information it contains. Well done for a truly useful and important book which has filled a void in the field. Thank you above all for the copy which will have pride of place.. The book is a treasure trove for any person interested in hallmarking.
LS'A - Malta

..quel labeur de fourmi, quelle patience dans vos recherches, quelle pugnacité dans l'accomplissement de votre tâche; il a dû vous falloir énormément de sagacité et opiniâtreté pour démêler l'imbroglio de ces poinçons européens.  Votre ouvrage va, sans contestation possible,devenir le fleuron de nos archives et figurera en bonne place dans notre bibliothéque du quai de Conti.
- Monnaie de Paris, Paris, France

Everybody here in Berne says that it is the best book for hallmarks on the market and it's also my opinion. I just used it a few minutes ago, because I received a mail from France, somebody wanted to know the origin of a hallmark and it was one from Russia. ..I wish you to be successful with your book, it will be surely a bestseller!
DM - Berne, Switzerland

I'm happy to tell you that today I received the book. Thank you very much! It's marvelous! My congratulations, it was really a hard work.
EZ - Russian Federation

Thank you very much for your fantastic work you did. The World Hallmarks - Vol .I, is a valuable reference for us.
CK - Cyprus

We would like to congratulate You with the release of The World Hallmark Book, and say that we will be happy to study it.
MM - Moldova


Congratulations for your work, the result is wonderful.
SF - Romania


Thank you very much for the book. You have really made a great and good job.
VV - Sweden


I just received the 2nd edition, and I would like to THANK YOU very much and your colleagues for all invested work on editing of this wonderful book.
AS - Hungary

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