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HRI List of Available Presentations

The following is a current repertoire of the of lectures and seminars
offered by the
Hallmark Research Institute

    Lecture Themes:

    Basic Hallmarking (Overview)

    "Demystifying Hallmarks"

    "Introduction to World Hallmarks, 19th-21st Century"

    "Understanding Marks on Precious Metals"

    "An Understanding of the Methodology of Hallmarks"

    Hallmarking - Why Bother?”


    Valuation Specific

    "Provenance and the Appraisal"

    “Recognizing the Effects of Provenance”

    "Marks or Melt, Are You Burning Up Profit"


    Hands-On Workshops

    "Country Specific Round-table Hands-On Sessions"

    "How to Read Hallmarks on Precious Metals, A Hands on Workshop"

    "Hallmark Workshop - A Hands-On Study of Hallmarks from Around the World"

    “Researching Marks on Precious Metals”


    Advanced Hallmark Studies

    "All You Want to Know About British Hallmarks and More"

    "Advanced Hallmarks - Focus: French and Russian"

    "A Study of Hallmarks - Russian, Austrian, French"

    "Hallmarks of the Empires"

    "Secrets of Hallmarks, Lost in Translation"

    "Important Hallmarking Countries of Western Europe"

    "Revealing the Secrets of French and Russian Hallmarks"

    "Advanced Hallmarks - (and you thought you knew it all)"

    "Around the World in 60 Minutes, One Hallmark at a Time"

    "Hallmarks of the World, A Sneak Peek into Volume II"



    "Trademarks and Signatures of the Masters"


    The Future of Hallmarks

    "New Concepts and Methodology of Hallmarks Today"

    "Hallmarks, The New World Order"

    "Hallmarking: A Powerful Benefit to the Consumer, Retailer, and International Trade"

    "The Changing Face of Precious Metal Marks Worldwide"


    The Fakes and Forgeries

    "Fakes and Fauxbergé"

    All Day Programs:

    "Introduction to Hallmarks"

    Session 1 - Basic Understanding of Hallmarks, An Overview

    Session 2 - Great Britain, Scandinavian Countries, Northern Europe

    "Hands On Session - Identifying Hallmarks Workshop"

    "Advanced Hallmarks"

    Session 3 - Southern Europe, Eastern Europe

    Session 4 - Middle East, India, Asia, Americas, World Wrap up



Hallmark Research Institute,
providing unique and dynamic lectures and workshops.

Hallmark Research Institute Lectures at a NAJA Conference
NAJA Conference

The Hallmark Research Institute offers an array of lectures
that focus on precious metal hallmarks of the world.
Every lecture is created as a dynamically animated presentation
that offers stimulating visuals for clear understanding of every topic covered.
Hands-on- Workshops are also available for most topics.

Lectures Images


Danusia Niklewicz lecturing on
where to look for hallmarks in
DeMystifying Hallmarks

American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

New York City, NY


Whetstone and Niklewicz lecturing on on
Trademarks and Signatures of the Masters

Antique Period Jewelry and Art Conference
(aka Jewelry Camp)

William Whetstone lecturing on the history perspective of hallmarking.

William Whetstone lectures on the
historical perspective of hallmarks

National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA)

Atlanta, Georgia

Lecturing on Hallmarks at FIT NY

Whetstone and Niklewicz lecturing on
Advance Hallmarks - French & Russian
at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY

American Society of Jewelry Historians (ASJH)

GIA Dubai

Danusia Niklewicz conducting a hands on workshop
on hallmarks at the GIA Facility

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
Dubai, UAE.


HRI presents "Understanding Marks on Precious Metals" National Pawnbrokers Association Conference
Las Vegas, NV

"Marks or Melt - How much Profit are You Burning Up?"
National Pawnbrokers Association

William Whetstone and Danusia Niklewicz are experienced
speakers teaching private, public, and industry professionals
about gems, jewelry, valuation, and precious metal marks
for over 20 years each. This tandem team presentations
are dynamic, entertaining, and educational.

HRI in San Francisco

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Have a Group or Organization and are looking for Speakers?

Looking to educate your staff, students, or membership about hallmarks? HRI presentations have proven to be very well received and a good draw for attendance by professionals in Jewelry, Personal Property, Auctions, Museums, Pawn, and more.

The Hallmark Research Institute offers lectures and hands-on sessions that cover important topics regarding marks on precious metals. With dynamic PowerPoint visuals presented by experienced HRI speakers, and valuable hands-on sessions utilizing actual world hallmarks, collected over 40 years, attendees have the unique experience of learning about and how to identify hallmarks from around the globe.

HRI Lectures are fee based. HRI Speakers are available for hire with a minimum of two months notice. Lectures can be customized with a six month advanced
notice and an additional fee. Sessions are predicated on speaker's availability. Email HRI with any additional questions.

To inquire about availability and fees, please contact HRI at the link below.
The HRI Directors are also available for independent research assignments as well.

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