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Completed Projects:



World Hallmarks, Volume I
Europe 19th to 21st Centuries
2nd Edition (released 2010)

  • Authors: William Whetstone, Danusia Niklewicz, Lindy Matula
  • The most current and comprehensive guide on European hallmarks available
  • Encompasses 39 countries of Europe past and present
  • Complete chapter on the Hallmarking Convention
  • Each chapter vetted by the respective country's experts
  • Historical perspective of each country
  • Each country's hallmarking system explained
  • Chronological layout of hallmarks
  • Thousands of newly redrawn hallmarks
  • 'Understanding Hallmark Basics' section
  • Dozens of actual color hallmarks photos
  • English language
  • Hardbound

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Released in 2017

    World Hallmarks, Volume II

    Asia, Middle East, Africa
    with Commentary on
    Select Non-Hallmarking Countries
    including North America and Australia

    • Authors: Danusia Niklewicz, Lindy Matula, William Whetstone
    • A Complement to World Hallmarks - Volume I - Europe
    • Covering hallmarking countries outside of Europe
    • Regions covered include Eurasia, North Africa, Mexico
    • Historical perspective with each country and their hallmarks
    • Covering new hallmarking countries and their marks
    • Chronological layout of each country's hallmarks
    • Never before compiled reference charts
    • Quick Reference pictorial Analytical Index
    • V2 Version of "Understanding Hallmark Methodology"
    • Discussion of marking laws in non hallmarking countries
    • Included are Fair Trade, Off-Shore Hallmarking Chapters
    • Special Reference and Conversion sections
    • Hardbound and embossed, over 400 pages with stitched spine and glossy dust jacket
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    Hallmark Resource Data Repository (HRDR)

    Extended Bibliography Supplement for Volume II

    Currently Under Construction
    Our apologies for the extended delay in releasing the extension of Volume II's bibliography. Queries on any aspect can be sent and will be answered, until the release is complete, by simply sending your specific question(s) and applicable reference through the HRI Questions form.

Next Project:

World Hallmarks, Volume III,
19th to 21st Centuries
  • Authors: Lindy Matula, Danusia Niklewicz
  • Projected Publish Date: Delayed
  • Pocket complement to World Hallmarks combining Vol. I & II
  • Complete with all hallmarks from each publication
  • Comprehensive analytical layout for quick referencing
  • Arrangement based on imagery and style components
  • Condensed information for ready referencing
  • Thousands of hallmark graphics
  • Inclusion of new marks, post Vol.I & II release
  • Designed to be an affordable pocket sized paperback

Other Future Projects..

Searchable App & Database Online for Hallmark Recognition

    Title: HRI Online Hallmark Search & APP

        • Searchable database
        • Searchable categories: mark shape, image, lettering, numbers, etc.
        • Location to be announced
        • Fee based on searches used
        • Projected Release Date: 2025
        • (Yes, we are slow but it will be worth the wait!)

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