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 Dedicated to education and understanding in precious metal hallmarks around the world

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About Hallmark Research Institute (HRI)

The Hallmark Research Institute (HRI) was founded by three well known experts and educators in the area of estate and contemporary jewelry, appraising, numismatics, and international hallmarks. This Institute, not a brick and mortar location, travels globally for hallmark research and is renown for their production and presentation of a series of acclaimed dynamic visual lectures and hands-on workshops on precious metal hallmarks.

In 2009, HRI has completed and published the first volume in a series of works on their research into world hallmarks. Currently, HRI is gathering information for their next volumes while continuing to conduct presentations to public and industry professionals. The goals of the HRI are to establish corroboration with international professionals and assay offices, to gather accurate hallmark information and images, and to disseminate information globally through published works, and to further the understanding and demand for precious metal assay and hallmarking worldwide. Support for these projects is through the sales of their book, lectures, and donations.  

Technical Educators and Founders of HRI:
William Whetstone BA-H (Hon)
Danusia Niklewicz GG,FGA,ISA-CAPP,ASA,
Lindy Matula GG, ASA


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