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World Hallmarks - Volume II
Asia, Middle East, Africa

The New Comprehensive Reference on
Gold, Silver, Platinum,and Palladium Hallmarks From Around the Globe

Providing unprecedented access to regions practicing precious metal hallmarking, including
Eurasia, Arabian Gulf Nations, North Africa and more.
                       Also included is the reporting on the marking practices of the non hallmarking countries of the
United States of America, Canada, China, Mexico, and Australia.


World Hallmarks Jacket Cover

World Hallmarks
Volume II
Asia, Middle East, Africa

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World Hallmarks
Volume II

Covering Hallmarks on

Gold - Au,
Silver - Ag,
Platinum - Pt,
Palladium - Pd

From Around the World

World Hallmarks Jacket Cover

Volume II Features...

  • Complement to the World Hallmarks Volume I - Europe

  • Covered are over 50 Countries Worldwide

  • Included are Regions of Eurasia, South East Asia,
    the Arabian Gulf Nations and more

  • Non-Hallmarking Regions Covered: United States of America, Australia, Canada, China, and Saudi Arabia

  • Instructional Color Section for Understanding Hallmarks

  • Quick Reference Analytical Index to Assist in ID

  • Clear, Newly Rendered Hallmark Graphics

  • Historical Summary of Each Country

  • Examples of Hallmark Layouts for Each Country

  • Rare and First Time Published Hallmarks

  • Narrative Format for Ease in Understanding

  • Informative Conversion, Language Comparison, Reference Chart Section

  • Dedicated Glossary of Hallmark Terms

  • Learn More About Global Hallmarking Than in Any Other Publication

  • This second volume in the World Hallmarks book series is the culmination of years of collaborative work devoted to investigating and reporting on the precious metal hallmarking practices of countries outside of Europe. Designed as a complement to Volume I, which covered Europe, Volume II presents information on hundreds of foreign hallmarks, providing instructional examples that will help to identify thousands more, plus insight to the methodologies used by hallmarking countries which provides a broader reference base for recognizing hallmarks worldwide. Together, Volumes I & II cover marks from over 90 countries, from the 19th to 21st Centuries, with more specific gold, silver, platinum and palladium mark information than in any other publication available to date.

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